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 #101082  by jmfranc
 Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:14 pm
I am on a TIGHT budget but just bought a nice MC250 and looking at building a box holding a JBL K110. What I don't have laying around is a 1970 Fender Twin head. But I GDEC sort of reproduces it. Wondering if I could use the speaker out of the GDEC like the Fender Twin and then to the MC250. Obviously I can't make any mods to the GDEC like Jer's Twins but it could be a sort of start until I get a Twin head. Stupid? Waste of time? Worth a shot?

Anyone have a JBL 110 they want to sell me?
 #101084  by JonnyBoy
 Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:49 pm
Almost did, but there were too many variables that made it almost too much for me to deal with. It sounds great as its own amp, just mic it and go! The mac and JBL's aren't needed really, I tried that out because I had them already and it was interesting to try something new. It can work, but I wouldn't go buy them for that application... I ditched that effort when I realized it was the same amount of gear using the Gdec than using a real Jerry rig anyway. The louder volume application didn't turn out as well as hoped either. It wasn't a complete failure, ditching the GDEC was me just wanting something that sounded the best LOUD not LOW with little "dial in" effort. Plus, I wound up dialing in that tone at bedroom level not stage volume, so I lived and learned that db has an effect on overall tone.

Part of going digital though is to carry a simple setup. I still use mine every week at the local open Jam. Try using the amp alone and dial it in through the PA and have a monitor feed too so you can really hear the final product. I dunno if I like the tone better mic'd or direct either. Choose through the Timber section like you would be choosing a cab simulator if you are going direct.
 #101107  by Kennay
 Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:56 am
I tried it with a mc50. Thing is all the settings are voltage sensitive. I like to play with the volume knob on my guitar rolled way back so that I`ve got some space if I want to get loud. When I roll it up I it affects the effects and suddenly I`m swimming in reverb and way too trebly. It`s a great bedroom amp. Amazing at lower volumes. If it was more consistent it would probably work well for rehearsal and gigging.