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 #87271  by Cmnaround
 Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:20 pm
Hey now - need some help with my strat bridge tension. When I first got this a few years ago I switched to really light 9 gauge strings and was able to adjust accordingly without any issues. I just changed back to regular light gauge 10 gauge strings and the bridge seems too high. I was able to adjust it a little but not to the 3mm recommended gap. Is this normal? If not, how do I adjust it the right way? I never use the tremolo - next guitar will definitely be a hard tail - any thoughts?

Some pics at my myspace page - ps, how do I add pics directly in my posts?

Thanks -
Pat ... cs/1434558
 #87324  by Cmnaround
 Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:33 pm
Thanks for the advice. Looks like an awesome quick fix that will lock it down without doing anything to mod the guitar. What about the springs and the tension on the strings ? Seems like some of the sustain would be dependent on that - in other words will a dead block like this impact the sustain or sound in anyway relative to getting the tension adjusted properly - or is that kind of lift with heavier strings normal and expected with this kind of bridge?

Also, if using the block, would a solid hunk of something really strong like an exotic hardwood work better than the average chunk of soft pine for similar reasons? That is, the impact on the string tension, vibration and sustain?

Thanks again for the advice -
 #87328  by JonnyBoy
 Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:49 pm
I know this may find you after the fact, but I used 5 strings to hold it back and it is fixed flat like a block, but still has SOME give when bending stings vigorously. I like 10.5's and this works jut fine and flat. I think a pack of 3 strings is under 7 bucks. That is f you like some give with the bridge.