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 #70142  by NashvilleMike
 Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:57 pm
Do they toss one of those shirts in the case when you lay down the 10G?
 #70153  by petcat
 Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:13 pm
I have a Further, and it does have many, many sweet tones, and it's a damn excellent axe and I raided the 401k to get it and am still paying for it. Get one.

I have thought about how one could mod it and all the reasons why I won't and shouldn't and want to as much as the guitar ROCKS. I've struggled with how much the passive electronics of my other guitars work better with the effects chain in many cases and the different possibilities and that I cannot achieve the kind of pickup response I'd like overall and that I'd like to swap out those clean-as-hell Alembic pickups which sound AWESOME plugged in directly to a soundboard and overall but don't completely deliver the Kind when plugged in to the effects chain and the Twin and the Mac.

Buy any of the other luthiers guitars and add the Dimarzios and screw in a midi pickup and make that your total custom Garcia guitar and play and love IT like that and keep the Alembic as-is. Have your heirs sell it on the Alembic forum or bury you with it when you head for your Serenity Knolls.

Come down to DC and I'll show you.