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 #139814  by jmfranc
 Thu Jun 12, 2014 6:51 am
My Tiger's middle tone pot seems to have lost range. I turn it about 90% and nothing happens then in the last 10% it quickly goes from bright to dark in a 1/4 turn. I don't mess with tone much unless I'm playing really loud. Any other guitar I would just swap it out with a new pot but I don't really want to mess with a Tiger. It's a quality PEC RV4N 500k pot but I'm sure they go bad too. Or could it be wiring? Odds are I think the wafer disk might be warped and only the last bit of it makes actual contact. Any ideas?
 #139816  by milobender
 Thu Jun 12, 2014 7:56 am
I'm not sure of the taper for your pot... but it sounds like a typical linear taper function... sorry to be addressing this, it may well be a dumb question, but are you sure it has changed? :-)
 #139824  by mgbills
 Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:38 pm
Milo is spot on. Without messing with the high freqs, the Tiger/Buffer setup does not have a tradtional linear sweep. Most of the roll of is in the last 5-10% of the range.

The reasons and pros & cons are covered & debated in depth in other threads. Some of the expert board searchers can chime in.

You can drop a larger value cap in place of the 022 and change the dynamic...but it would be a non-Jerry mod.