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 #137297  by tatittle
 Wed Mar 05, 2014 6:45 pm
I have been trying out several pickups lately, mostly ones I picked up real cheap rather than ones I had chosen specific for their tone. I did have an eye on Jerry like tone when I found a Steve's Special DiMarzio though, and I think it is my favorite of the ones I tested recently. Granted, I have a tendency to appreciate the novelty of a new tone/pickup and then gradually drawback my love as the limitations become more evident with time.

I put it in the bridge position of my 1st OBEL SHH strat. I was really happy with the clarity and EQ, and its performance with my Mutron III. It is really high output (18+ ohms) but is designed/EQ'd to be clean and clear even with significant distortion. Now I want to flip it so the active coil is Neck side rather than bridge, and also try one in the middle. I have only noodled around at home so far, but I look forward to trying it with a full line-up.

Just ordered another ($35. delivered new)...Ill try it in the middle. maybe Ill get around to posting some clips since all this is academic. I just have no patience for all the gruntwork. lol
I have noticed that totally clean this pickup has a bit of an out of phase sound going on...not as extreme as actually out of phase, but the EQ may have similarities.