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 #123818  by tatittle
 Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:19 pm
Hey Now,

I am getting ready to rewire a LP Studio I have for coil splitting and I am wondering if my wiring plan will work. Specifically I am concerned that the DPDT push/pull volume pot will keep both p'ups in the circuit (or both volume pot's) since I am running BOTH pickups thru the switch (rather than having seperate switches for each p'up). I am new to this...especially LP's (this is preperation for wiring up a Jerry caster--the guitar had splittable Dragon II's in it when I bought it used so I figured might as well... x2)

Not sure if this will work; may have to copy/paste to address bar: ... 3154910707

Anyone see an obvious flaw? Do I need to place the 3 way toggle before the volume pot's or something?


The pup's wiring is reversed for each position; HOT = BLACK on bridge/treble; neck/bass p'up HOT = GREEN (white in real life)
RED = coil split; there are only 3 wires rather than the typical 4.

The p'ups also have reversed polarity from each other. I believe the wiring will yield the INSIDE coils of both pickups. Not sure of the winding on them but I am hoping it will be hum-cancelling RWRP in the middle position (3-way toggle) with the coil cut engaged.