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 #105540  by claytushaywood
 Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:07 pm
hey fellas, if youre into pedal building or want to get into it I'd appreciate it if youd take the time to read this lengthy post. well just skim it... my internal monologue is yappy and does not have a filter between head and fingers.

Lookin for people interested in pedal building and electronic circuit mods and the like. I am somewhat new to building pedals. Before I was just putting together kits and modding circuits to save a little money and help some friends make their ts9's and ds1's all keeley soundin. I know a little about what affects the signal path and how to improve it and such, but I finally just got a couple books on beginning electronics. maybe someone can recommend me a good one?

I am always digressing...

My orignal point was to see if anyone on this super cool forum is interested in getting together to throw down on some parts for building. I learned a while ago buying your printed circuit boards seperately of a kit and sourcing your own parts saves a lot of money (and gives you components to mess around and mod with). But buying components in bulk REALLY saves a ton of money... easily over 50% up to like 85%. I was thinking several of us could get together and buy a bunch of components in bulk on one or two orders then split em up and split the cost! that way we can get bulk prices and not have to have 200 of one value. i know of several easy to order from sites- exclusive to pedal building offer metal film resistors at 200 for $4 or less. that means if 4 of us get together we can get 50 for a buck. 2 cents each! stocking up like that would really lower your per build price and prevent future paying for shipping for 3 components shennanigans.

I'm also interested in trading components. how many times have you just need 2 transistors to complete a build? trading with 45c postage would be much preferred to paying $3-$7 for shipping. i'm also down to trade built pedals, ideas, mods, good reviews, whatever.

I'm sure this has been done before. if this has been done effectively in some other forum let me know. i figured itd be fun and easy in a cool board with people interested in similar sounds. we could produce armies of envelope filters!!! until we find the perfect mutron design for all of the awesome jerry players at rukind! how cool would it be to help improve the sound of our fellows pursuing the common goal?

Thanks for reading!