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 #98920  by joeriz
 Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:34 am
I'm hoping some folks have opinions they can share on this. I have a Fender Showmaster guitar (basically a "super Strat) that I really like (great feel to the neck, flat fingerboard radius, flame maple top) that is built for two humbuckers (HH). Right now it has Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups in it but I'm looking for something that splits better as I find the Duncans a bit anemic in split mode. I'm strongly considering both the DiMarzio SD and S2. I favor a balanced tone that is smooth and clean and am having trouble deciding on which route to take. I suppose "conventional wisdom" would dictate using a Super 2 in the neck and a SD in the bridge. I know I don't want a Super 2 in the bridge as I have that setup on my Strat and it's way too thin for my liking.

I guess my question is: I'm seriously considering SDs in both slots. Any thoughts? Too muddy for the bridge? I know at the very least I can buy both and try them but thought I'd ask here first.