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 #53305  by jdsmodulus
 Wed Dec 03, 2008 1:42 pm
ok hogan Ill bite if I were talking to glenn I would ask him a bunch of questions before I bought a cab therfore can you make your cab without the inside trim around the cab also make sure the speaker holes are centered correctly and that the clip holders whatever they are match all the way around each speaker if you can do that Ill buy a cab from you like I said I think its a great cab and well built but I want what I want so forget the clips I said in an earlier post I have some clips so great let me know thanks alot JD :cool:
 #53309  by waldo041
 Wed Dec 03, 2008 2:34 pm
hogan wrote:
waldo041 wrote: no disrespect but regardless of there ease of use or sonic performance, the cabs look way better with the machined aluminium clips. thats a huge selling point!


There is no sonic performance point.
They look way better in comparison to what? Isn't that just a matter of your opinion?
If I get aluminium clips can I add $900 to my asking price? That might just be worth.

$130 knockdown cab + aluminium clips = $1300 HT Cab or $425 Hogan cab?
That's essentially what you are reducing it to. Good grief.

i apologize for suggesting your cabs are not good without the clips. i would imagine they are pretty nice work and applaud you for taking the time to produce some for the masses at a workingmans price. my opinions on the clips appearance are just that. my opinion! that said, i am sure you can see that many others would prefer getting a jerry style cab with the clips BUT not at the price of HT today. this is a discussion forum and not a store. therefore, please don't be offended with the discussion of the cabs or the clips. after all that is what this place is for.

on another note, i am sure a picture of your cabs would go a long way in getting a few sold. just a thought.

also, get with brian at he used to sell and probably knows where to get an aluminium speaker clip that has the appearance of the HT clip, but is a completely different animal. from the fron it would make a cab look good(just my opinion)

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 #53311  by Emoto
 Wed Dec 03, 2008 2:40 pm
The other thing is that many people here tend to take every step they can toward duplicating what Jerry/Bob/whoever used, so those kinds of questions should be expected. The HT cabinets without speakers sell for $899, BTW.
 #53322  by hogan
 Wed Dec 03, 2008 5:38 pm
Emoto wrote: The HT cabinets without speakers sell for $899, BTW.
Very well then. I'm still doing them for even less than half that.

Those Bag End clips that JOR sells/had are just as pricey.

Also, I'll get a photobucket account or something and start posting pics. I agree that would help.

 #53323  by tigerstrat
 Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:04 pm
jeezuz... someone is really getting top dollar for fairly simple wooden boxes! Had no idea the HT prices looked anything like that. The privilege of the name I suppose.
 #53325  by jonarobb
 Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:24 pm
Hogan is offering a great cab at a more realistic price. I think Hardtruckers is being a little greedy given the materials and construction techniques, not to mention the Tone Tubbies are at the bottom of the food chain in my opinion for quality and tone. I'd love to own something that was built by an offshoot of the The Grateful Dead but again, it's terribly overpriced for my tastes.

I've been using this open back Avatar cab. Found it on Craigslist with no drivers for $100. It's 13 Ply Domestic Birch all around with interlocking rabbet and dado joints, recessed metal handles, reinforced inner cleats on all joints and heavy duty rubber feet. It's not as pretty as the exposed wood cab, which I do admire, but it's built like a brick, and with the K120's it sounds absolutely amazing.

 #53326  by jdsmodulus
 Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:01 pm
well there you go brother that cab looks fine to me and youve got the right speakers and no clips big deal it looks well built and for a c-note how can you go wrong great also Bobby uses those tone tubbies along with a bunch of other hippies so thats probably the reason ht uses them they will put any speakers in their cabs that you want but your gonna pay keep it up peace JD
 #53327  by hogan
 Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:27 pm
here are some preliminary pics



I'll take some more of sprayed cabs w/ speakers soon.
regards ~MJH
 #53357  by playingdead
 Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:45 pm
I had clips made for $5 apiece by a local machinist. If you made a bunch, it would probably be even cheaper. There's a diagram on Dozin's site somewhere. Then any cabinet can look like Jer's :-)

The HT cabinet I have is beautifully made and the clips do make it very easy to swap speakers, something that came in handy when I blew an E-120, bought a bad replacement one that buzzed when it was installed, then bought an aftermarket reconed one that lasted for a third of a show. That was a lot of bolting and unbolting and I was happy to have the clips there. But if you don't push your speakers hard, you only have to screw it in once, and the clips just look good.

I would only recommend that if you are running E-120s and bolting them right onto the baffle, use more than four bolts to mount them, they are heavy as hell. But that's just a matter of drilling and tapping in a few more T-nuts. And, the holes in the JBL frames are pretty tight to the hole, as I recall, so, you know, measure twice and drill once, etc. Not such an issue with lighter speakers.

The problem with those Lopo Line cabinets is the dimensions are not as tight as the original Dead cabinets were, the speakers are very close together in Jerry's cabs and very tight to the sides, too. And there is a world of difference between an open back cab and a sealed cab. I think the Lopos are closed back.

Like Jeff, I built my first one with a friend, it sounded great, but it was heavy and impractical to move around with the E-120s in it. So I built a pair of 1X12's myself, they looked like s--- but were easier to carry. Then I got the HT with the AVS road case, and it fits my needs.
 #53364  by Pete B.
 Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:59 pm
I just picked up this cab with 2 vintage EV SRO-12's (as seen in the back of Jer's Twin Reverb in '68) for $225... thanks Craigslist!
The ad started at $350 two weeks ago, then was reposted at $300 on 12/2.
I finally had time to go check it out today, and... I let that Deal go down, as thay say (fwiw, my B-Day is Dec 10th... close enough!).

This cab was designed by Steve and Conrad Sundholm (of Sunn amplifier company fame) specifically for these speakers. The seller was Steve's brother, Brent Sundholm. I have played Pedal Steel on several Steve Sundholm studio sessions, but hadn't met Brent before today, so there was a cool "small world" factor.
Their Dad, Conrad, is now making these amps (also check out his cable in the "for Geeks only" section):

Here are the pics from the ad (I'll repost in Show Us You're Jerry Rig once I get it set up).



 #53374  by jeffm725
 Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:11 am
Awesome Pete! Wow 225, you stole that thing! How do the speakers sound?
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