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 #106099  by Pete B.
 Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:36 am
I have both in a 2x12 cab and like the K120 better for the lower volumes I like to play at these days.
The K120 just sounds more musical to me, but I'm not selling the E120 cuz I also like the way they sound, and sometimes I need a speaker that can handle 200W-300W.
I like to have them both in there and hooked up to either side of my MC250, then only use one or the other to A/B them with different settings/songs/etc.
Sometimes I put them both on.
 #106100  by Laytonco
 Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:02 pm
Hey folks,
I have both and in separate 2x12 cabs. I am a Bobby type player in our band and mostly use the Ks for the reasons cited above. They have a more well balanced tone to me. But, in larger venues, I use both the Ks and the Es together. I keep the Es on the bottom and mic 1 K and 1 E. Maybe due to the higher amp volumes at these places, I feel I need more of that crispy tone in there that I can get from the Es. But generally, for my style of playing (no effects, hollowbody guitar - earlier 70s type sound), I use the Ks. My own opinion, but i think Ks are the best speakers ever!


 #106102  by playingdead
 Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:23 pm
I can't speak directly to the K-120, but in my experience with the K-110 and the E-120 through the same rig (both in HT cabinets), the K-110 sounds much more musical and pleasing when you're playing on your own, but the E-120 cuts through the mix like nobody's business.

If you are playing loud -- and you're getting the cones rocking back and forth like Jerry used to -- be careful with the K-120 because it's much easier to blow one and they are stupid expensive to recone with the factory kit ... and only the E kit is available anymore.
 #106104  by jkstraw
 Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:12 pm
I also have a couple of 2x12's with E-120 and K-120.

Just like Pete B. I find the K-120 are more musical (better rounded top end, a little silkier on the mid and bottom end.). However I find I run screaming for the E-120's in band situations - I play mainly solo/duo/trio stuff so I generally use my K-120's ... almost exclusively. But the last 3 times I sat in with a full on electric band and made the drive to swap out my K-120 2x12 with my E-120's. They just slice the the mix and deliver the goods. Those great characteristics I attribute the K-120's seem to muddy the mix a bit.