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 #132716  by Dozin
 Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:12 am
jazzbox wrote:Interesting, so it's a two wire pickup?
The Dimarzio suggested replacement for the DP410 2.2 pickup is the Area 61, and that is a stacked coil pickup. The current new Virtual Vintage line are stacked coil hum cancelling also. I wish they still carried these pickups, but they're all discontinued.
jazzbox wrote:So Dozin it sounds like you've got a two coil pickup (4 wires = two coils, right?). MK you've got a single coil version?
When you say phase reversal doesn't that mean the switch puts the pickup out of phase with the other pickups? Or are you putting the coils in your middle pickup out of phase with each other?
No, it's a 4 wire pickup. I'm using a dpdt switch for phase reversal. Yes, it puts the pickup out of phase with the humbuckers.

Or are you putting the coils in your middle pickup out of phase with each other? Not sure what that means

Poke around you can find the pickup
 #132718  by jazzbox
 Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:33 am
The way you get four wires is by having two coils. AFAIK all four conductor strat style pickups have two coils stacked on top of each other instead of side-by-side like a standard humbucker. That's definitely the way the current Dimarzio Virtual Vintage and Area pickups are according to their documentation: ... rea_hs.pdf

What they consider the "standard" setup is to have the top and bottom coils in series, by having the black and white wires together. This is the hum cancelling mode, but it's not a true single-coil pickup.

The Single-Coil Switching setup they show in there grounds out the bottom coil leaving only the top coil in the circuit. It was interesting to me that they say that the Single-coil mode is slightly louder than series hum cancelling mode, considering the fact that you're only using one of the two coils. I would have guessed it would be not as loud. I'm sure it's noisier, but might sound closer to a standard single-coil pickup like would have been used in the late 70s. They do mention that you want to use the top coil only in single coil mode, not the bottom coil.

I was wondering if you guys had messed with any of these options with these pickups. I've only ever had standard single coil pickups. If you're using the DPDT phase switch setup shown in these instructions you would be running the pickup in the standard series wiring. Regardless, the sounds are excellant!
 #132719  by Dozin
 Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:44 am
Mine is setup like the bottom left of the pic