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 #156859  by tdcrjeff
 Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:44 pm
Capt Rosebuddy wrote:
SarnoMusicSolutions wrote:OK, I know I'm beating this China Doll fuzz thing to death, but I'm really trying to make sense out of the way the fuzz swells in, and you hear these distinctly clean pick attacks a few times. So what I'm thinking now is that maybe it's a Morley Fuzz Wah set just for fuzz, and he's swelling the Morley on slowly, and possibly also has a clean guitar channel going the whole time. That way if the Morley is back (silent), you simply hear him with a clean pick attack and as that note quickly dies since its clean he then swells in the Morley fuzz. It's very interesting sounding.
Some thoughts: First this Atlanta show is fantastic! Thanks for putting me onto it, there's nothing quite like "discovering" a a new super hot show.

Regarding using the fuzz in a separate clean channel, is it possible that this was the beginning of the effects loop idea? Makes sense that they would be trying new shit right? Especially on the front end of the WOS tour (Atlanta was only the 4th stop). Finally, I wish he kept using Fuzz! I've definitely been riding the wave in this new golden age of boutique fuzz's and it's an effect that I can't get enough of.
I found the owners manual for the Morley pedal. When it's in fuzz mode, the pedal position controls the mix of straight and fuzz. So when the heel is down it is straight signal and pushing the toe down brings in the fuzz.
"The pedal is a continuously variable mix control between the straight signal and
the Fuzz signal. With the heel of the pedal down, very mild fuzz is produced. As
the toe is pressed, the amount of Fuzz is increased." ... tml#manual
 #156878  by waldo041
 Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:35 pm
Just to note, Wolf has the Alembic Blaster which has a Low impedance output when on. Fuzzes love High Impedance at their input so I would think that when he used the fuzz, the Blaster was off and bypassed allowing the high impedance output of the pickups and volume pot to feed the fuzz.