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 #92307  by woobs420
 Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:12 am
Greetings all! First time poster here. I have searched the forums and haven't really come up with anything but a very expensive rack mounted solution by (PlayingDead). What I am trying to do is get close as I can to a few different good Jerry tones using the Guitar Rig3 software. I have had the program for a few weeks and love it just cant seem to get anything close tone wise. I am hoping some others on here may have or do use this program and we can share some settings and thoughts. I have got an sort of ok sounding Shakedown tone using a vox box and a autofilter but that's about it. Also I am just starting to play but pretty good with the electronics side of things. Right now most of my playing is done in stereo through headphones. My current setup is Fender Mex Strat, MacbookPro, Guitar RIg3, Headphones or sometimes mono to a Roland Micro Cube. Thanks for reading all that!
 #92321  by JonnyBoy
 Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:15 pm
I would look into the blackface models on there, and depending on the response of you headphones the tweaking of the EQ may vary a little, but I would approach it like a real fender twin rig, low bass, 1/2 way with mids and high treble to start. mix in some gain, maybe a OD pedal set low and level to add harmonics and some tube crunch. If it is anything like the other modeling out there that should get you close... I found a Vox "bright" model with some crunch one time to be really nice for some older Jerry tone. Maybe that could help, maybe not. Good luck.