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 #86699  by oldjoebones
 Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:12 am
While I am partial to playing the music of the Dead I also like to play other artists as well.....stones, SRV, clapton, Allman' get the jist here.

Im looking for an Amp that will cover all aspects but still get a jerry tone when needed......jerry tone does not HAVE to be dead on but similar.

So basically Im looking for suggestions of an all around amp......I have been looking at the Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
 #86718  by tigerstrat
 Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:00 am
Blues Deluxe might be just the ticket, if you are getting a good price.

Been playing one at rehearsals, and while they are geared towards an overdriven blues-rock sound (a la SRV, EC Duane, etc), they also clean up shiny and sparkly, and feature a decent spring reverb. I can't actually tell that much difference from the Hot Rod models.
 #86724  by Maybeck09
 Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:01 am
Another for the Blues Deluxe. I have one from 93 that I've hauled around for all of these years. Great little amp. Can get something like a Jerry, an EC and definitely an SRV. Especially with a strat. A good value amp.\
 #86726  by oldjoebones
 Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:31 am
Thanks for the responses.

After trying it out and reading and watching some reviews I Just bit the bullet and picked one up....was within the budget and seems to be what I am trying to achieve. Will be playing it on the Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster.