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 #67599  by playingdead
 Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:35 pm
I don't think so. The Dec. 81 shows still had Garcia on the left ... not sure if the pre-East Coast shows in 82 had him in the middle, but there was definitely a buzz throughout the crowd at Duke (4-2-82) about it.

Especially from the people who thought they had seats right in front of Jerry and found themselves in the Phil Zone ... LOL

Incidentally, Healy said they did it to narrow the line and get closer together once Weir put his speakers in front of the drum riser. That also eliminated the stack of keyboard speakers that used to sit between Bobby and Jerry's cabinets in that era (two 15s, two 10s and a horn), behind Jerry in this shot.


They just stuck a wedge in front of the B3 facing across the stage for a keyboard monitor.