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 #156492  by elroy2288
 Wed May 03, 2017 6:12 pm
I'm working on a research project to see when Rosebud went from having a brass "ash tray" cover over the MIDI pickup on the top of the body next to the AMP and OBEL jacks and then the date when the current brass plate was installed and the MIDI jack was moved to the side. It appears the brass tray cover is there from inception on 12/31/89 to late April of 1991 and then I can see that by Shoreline in August the plate that is on it now was installed. In searching for the date of the change, I saw on the GDAO two shots - one from Expo on 5/4/91 and one from Shoreline on 5/11/91 that the Rosebud Skeleton inlay is blocked by a mounted MIDI unit. I never saw those shots before. I assume something went wrong and that led to the cover plate and jack move. Does anyone know the story of the external MIDI or the jack swap from a tray cover on the top of the body to what it is today - MIDI on the side and brass cover plate mounted where the old input existed?

Andy (Elroy) :smile:

Rosebud from 12/31/89 until April of 1991 with brass tray cover:

Vegas April 1991 (brass tray cover that was there since 12/31/89 still present):

Cal Expo May 1991 -something went wrong:

Shoreline May 1991 -still jacked up:

I need LA Coliseum footage from 6/1/91!

Shoreline August 1991 - the new plate is present and MIDI jack moved:

Rosebud today: ... ?noindex=1
 #156544  by elroy2288
 Thu May 11, 2017 1:54 pm
So here is the only shot I've found of 6/1/91 at LA Coliseum and it looks like the MIDI unit bolted onto Rosebud is gone, so I can assume the new side jack was installed sometime between the last Shoreline on 5/12/91 and LA. Small mystery somewhat solved!