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 #156274  by toddgardn
 Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:21 pm
I'm interested in opinions on the best higher end rack mount power amp to pair with a SMS classic preamp. My current main rig is a SMS preamp >McIntosh mc50 > Jbl k120, and that rig of course sounds great, but I'm also interested in a rack mount brand new very dependable medium power amp (no more power than 75 watts SS or 50 watts tube) as well. I've used a mosvalve Mc-962, Carvin dcm200l, and rocktron velocity, and they all sound good in their own unique ways. I am now interested in what I may be missing on the higher end of the price/quality spectrum. I'm not necessarily limiting this to solid state amps. I'd like to buy it brand new (very interested in dependability for this one). Currently Fryette is looking interesting. Anything else come to mind?
 #156277  by eric
 Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:13 pm
Gassing eh? I've had my eye on the Fryette LXII for a while, but still hasn't been released as far as I can tell, as the 'coming soon' has been up for a looong time. That would be my personal first choice for trying a new flavor. Of course I have nothing to base its tone off of in the context of a Jer rig, but it is definitely an intriguing new power amp with some pretty neat features and specs- "50x2, 2 6L6's per channel, single volume control, FRFR/Enhance switch, custom wound low-profile output transformers"
 #156291  by fulltone1989
 Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:23 am
I've got a Fryette Power Station that sounded excellent with my SMS.. it's a reactive load attenuator, post power tube (for your main amp) effects loop, with line in and outs, as well as a mono 50W tube power amp from 2 6L6. I used it as a power amp and it was very clean and loud! Linear, so stays clean all the way up (althought I personally didn't get it past noon for the rooms I used it in) I'm building a Jerry combo with an FYD TRP and Weber Cali and this is definitely my power amp of choice. I have a traditional tube amp too, and it's indispensable tool for getting your tone anywhere albeit speaker volume of course.. About $599 when I bought it, but for what it does it's pretty fantastic. They have a V2 now too, not sure what they did. Rackmount kit was about $60, but it's a must buy to protect it for gigs. Hope that helps!