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 #155905  by softmachine72
 Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:04 am
I was transcribing the Solo to Stagger Lee from 10-20-1989 and I usually use audio but, I also use video (if available) to make sure I am not just transcribing the notes but, also where Jerry was playing on the fretboard, W/ pick, W/ fingers,ect. I noticed at about 2:43 he does the slick( vol./ coil tap off ) at the same time move that Waldo posted about a few weeks ago.[/youtube]
 #155906  by tcsned
 Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:53 am
I was having trouble getting the video to play from the page. Maybe this will help:

Pretty cool stuff. I admit, I get lazy and will play a whole show and not change any controls on the guitar other than volume. It's easy to forget the subtle things like this. Thanks!!