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 #138275  by James-T
 Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:28 pm
Here's a demo for anyone interested in Silverface Vibrolux's. I just got this amp, and have recently parted with a 73 Twin. I have to say its a big step upwards and I'm really digging the amp. The recording is a Shure 58 on a E120 extension cab. The whole E versus D120 thing is pretty new to me but the E has a real crispness to it that helps the highs in the clean tones. In some ways modern but also very vintage at the same time.

I found the twin just a bit too thin (and way to bulky/ heavy), and the Vibrolux just sounds warmer. And BTW the Morning Dew licks were played through the non tremolo/ reverb channel so that reverb is just an EH nano pedal - nothing special - but I was really aiming to capture the E72 tone spot on. Its way closer than I could get with my Axe FX Ultra and miles closer than the 73 twin - although I'm sure dropping lots of money into modding that amp would have gotten me there. :smile: But I'd still have to lug it around!

I'm interested if anyone else has found more love for the SF Vibrolux than the SF twin.



 #138298  by Griffyote
 Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:49 pm
Yes, that amp sounds good James. So do your chops. No distortion pedal needed even at reasonable volumes? I'd love to get a hold of one of those or a vintage Pro Reverb. I can't get any kind of Grrrrowl out of the Twin even at ear bleed levels. I've tried pulling tubes and going to one speaker. I thought the one speaker really made it sound thinner.but there's nothing else like it for the pedal steel.
 #138300  by James-T
 Mon Apr 14, 2014 5:36 pm
Yes, its a different animal than the Twin and even the Pro Reverb. They say the Vibrolux has the lowest headroom out of the LVL amps. Funny though, I think my Blues Deluxe may break up a bit earlier. The Fender youtube video which introduces the Blues Deluxe talks about how it is modelled after the black face Deluxe, but its 40 watts. My Blues Deluxe manual says its more similar to a Bassman, in fact modelled after it. Makes sense since they named it a blues amp and the Bassman was made famous by blues players and the average Joe who comes into the guitar center would look at a reissue Bassman and probally think it was for bass players only. The BD has definitely got more bass, too much for a perfect Jerry tone, but no slouch at all as my demo of the BD will testify to.

They say a Pro Reverb is like a half Twin, tons of headroom, but lighter than a Twin and heavier than a Vibrolux. If you are going for a SF Fender, my advice would be go for a Vibrolux, if you can find one. This was the first one I've seen locally on CL in a few years for sure. The Vibrolux is voiced different than a twin. Its got more high end and less middy to my ears. there is no mid pot, just bass and treble. Not an issue for me. One less dial to fret over!

Vic actually was the first to spike my interest in the Vibrolux from his post on "playing without your usual gear". Then I met Scott Murawski on the street in Costa Rica the day after their (Max Creek) festival gear and we got chatting about gear. He plays one. Plus Clapton used one for many years and I love his Just One Night album, and his amp at that time was the Vibrolux.

It lives up to its reputation. I gigged with it this weekend. It was stellar.

And Griffyote, I'm with you on that one. The twin is an unyielding beast and I'm certain needs a Shakedown mod to sound right. :smile: Thanks for the kind words BTW. :-)