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 #137363  by tatittle
 Fri Mar 07, 2014 7:19 pm
waldo041 wrote:
Trecia wrote:Do we know when JBls came into play? This is starting to sound like it all came down with the wall of sound/Mac buildup. Must have been a heady time either way. Lots if changes afoot in the early 70s.
Jbl's have been with the band since the beginning of the band.

Yeah Fender with JBL's were part of the California surf sound of the very early 1960's. I think Dick Dale was the guy who started bothering Fender and JBL, which led to the partnership, eventually leading to the D120F and JBL options. I heard some Ca. locales even offered JBL's at no extra charge bc of the proximity of the room above a garage they were being made in lol
 #137399  by jenkins
 Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:55 pm
In my experience the 0 bass setting only works on vintage fenders for the most part, my 69 twin has such a fat tone that the bass is booming if it's anywhere above like 2-3.

I would venture to guess that it was early 70's when Garcia started this, when he & bobby were working on separating their tones in the mix.

Something else I've found is that my best tone in a band setting isn't exactly my best tone when I'm home practicing. Garcia had it set like this to cut through the mix, a mix that already had more than enough bass & mids in it so in order to cut through he needed to be in the high end. Realizing that my settings just has to be different when playing in the band was a huge step for me & it's generally the bass that gets dropped for me. When I'm practicing I'll have te bass around 2-3 bc the tone can be piercing, but a piercing tone fits in perfect in a band setting. Allows me to cut right through the mix and sit on top. Rolling down the reverb is another thing that works the same way, by myself I add a lot more reverb and bass, but cutting through a mix is a different animal.