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 #137058  by James-T
 Sun Feb 23, 2014 8:23 pm
If anyone has set up a GCX switcher with a controller and their Fractal unit I'd like to know how it works. I just picked up a GCX controller and switcher in a trade. I'd like to use the controller with my Ultra and the switcher 4 or 5 of my vintage pedals all in one rig.

On first glance it looks like the controller could only receive one midi, that being either the Ultra or the GCX switcher. Am I correct on this or can I control both pedals and an Ultra with the GCX ground controller? If not I'm guessing I need a simpler ground control unit, say one with 4 or 6 buttons to control my pedals and then the guitar out of that unit would become the guitar in to the Fractal.

Am I missing something here?


 #137065  by mgbills
 Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:52 am
When I set up my GCX, I called they guys at Voodoo Labs. Their manuals suck, but their phone guys are awesome!