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 #138989  by jeager
 Tue May 13, 2014 2:49 pm
Ok y'all convinced me to give it a try. Love the size and weight of the 200L and was very pleased with the sound at first listen. With a little Earth Drive on its very good, at first I was thinking I could stop hauling my Mesa 50/50 around but after diging it for a while I switched back to the Mesa and I have to say Im still not a convert to solid state. There is something about the 6L6s that is just more musical and expressive. Im not saying the Carvin isn't good, Im tempted to rack it with my SMS in a little shallow rack and be done with it, but its hard to say no to something that is more musical and feels better. Jerry used a solid state power amp, but it was a very special one AND his rig was cranked to the point of clipping and breaking up which is where it sounded great. I can't don't/dont want to do that... Ill mess with this thing a little longer, I love the size and weight factor and would recommend it to anybody but I don't know if its for me...
 #138990  by Kennay
 Tue May 13, 2014 4:19 pm
There`s something very tempting in not having to construct a home entertainment center at every stupid gig!
 #138996  by jeager
 Tue May 13, 2014 7:53 pm
I totally agree, the mesa 50/50 I use is racked with my ams in a lovely 4 space rack I just got from ssp. But its heavy and bulky and I drive a small car now, this thing could go in a 2 space shallow rack and weigh less that a few pedals. I just played a rehearsal with it and was not all displeased. SMS with the 70s mods--> carvin dcm200L --> Earth Drive --> JBL k120 and it sounds very nice. A little less silky smooth in the upper mids and highs, when compared to the mesa power amp but still very, very nice.

What if a threw something like the Steel Guitar Black box in front of the whole thing? Anybody here try that kind of set up?