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 #134881  by waldo041
 Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:04 pm
claytushaywood wrote:
waldo041 wrote:I admit i did generalize, but do feel those vintage 741's are special. You can have the "master" title.

no they really are not, thats a bunch of bologna too. prove that. show me some data

*edit- that's regarding the same ic with a different manufacturer code like u741 vs ua741.

if you wanna say that the ic makes a small difference that's fine. trying to say its more important than the clipping diodes shows me that you have not built and experimented with these things that you're claiming. and if you have show some datasheets
Since they don't matter to you, If you are pulling vintage 741's , rc4558's, jrc4558's i will happily pay you the price their modern equivalents cost for each one. I don't mind that you or others consider them bologna at all.

 #134933  by Pfallon
 Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:25 pm
Hi, I'm planning on installing a SWG buffer/blaster in my standard strat., replacing the middle tone with the blaster gain pot, and the master vol. with a 25k audio taper pot. Is there post in this forum(or anywhere else) diagraming the wiring schematic for this set up, with the buffer after the PU selector switch> OBEL, and the blaster after the master volume?
 #134936  by barefootdave
 Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:27 pm
Actually I didn't say that Alembic prices were dishonest, I was questioning the implication that they were. I have an Alembic guitar and also a bass from them, and think they are worth the price. I think those guys make nice products, and I am willing to pay for them. I feel the same way about my Moriarty. I guess that makes me a chump, but I have I gear I really like coming home to. I would also rather support creative people like Mike Beigel and Alembic personnel so they can make a living with their art. Nothing against those who want to find a more economical route, I just find it more worthwhile at this point in my life to buy the good stuff and be done with it.
 #136920  by tatittle
 Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:52 pm
I love both the Blasters and the Dist+ a lot. I am partial to Jerry's days with a 7.25" radius and the vibrato bends he was so good at that become almost physically impossible with a flatter fretboard. I have both modern Alembic, a vintage black plastic one, and a pedal a guy made for me. I haven't critically compared them on the same guitar/rig though.

I have compared my script 75-76-ish Dist+ (made by guitar players board but not carbon comps I don't think) with a later block logo. The older one was definitely warmer/smoother sounding. Incidentally my block logo had an LM741 chip (same as script). It sounded more aggressive to my ears. Slightly of course.