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 #134263  by James-T
 Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:01 pm
Thought I'd share this with folks. Its not a Jerry tune, but is an inspired 60's style rap with me filling in the background with some Jer type licks (and some other influences). The power amp is a BWG vintage thingy I scored for a trade on a reverb pedal with a little cash in kind and I'm plugged into my beloved HT style cab me and a buddy built (well actually more my bud than me) and two very vintage circa late 60's D120F's I scored from Randy Bachman's guitar tech. Our singer in this particular band was actually playing in bands in 1969 so its so appropriate. :smile:

Typically I hate my tone, but I'm grooving on this one. The pick-ups in my Les Paul are old PAF's scored from an obscure guitar store in White Rock BC, which is basically the middle of no-where. They'd been on the guy's website but he had forgotten about them for several years. Lollar did a bit of work on them as he's just south of the border and nearby and buddies with the store owner. If you ever have an option between PAF reproductions and the real thing, go for the real thing. Not a big difference but just that much sweeter!

Peace, :-)