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 #128654  by mgbills
 Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:57 pm
Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have an interesting tidbit, or at least it was interesting to me.

I have a couple of Mc's. One in on my home stereo. I am not nearly cool enough to need an Mc2100 in my guitar rig. I blew a channel out of my shop stereo...and old Pioneer receiver :cry:

So I goes to my favorite Seattle used audiophile (in fake thick Italian accent ((cause I grew up in NY)), in search of a preamp for my Mc2100. Then I says to myself...Self...I'll move da preamped (old) Pioneer in da house (on the Mc) to the shop. I scores this Apt/Holman SS preamp, totally on the absolute recommendation of the proprietor, that this little gizmo will be superior to anything but a tube Mc preamp. It is awesome, by the by.

Now here's the good part...the elderly gentlemen says "Make sure you leave that Mc2100 plugged straight into the wall. It takes 24 hours to fully charge those big caps." So today I sends a note to my pal Pat Hickman at Classic Tube Audio. Pat says absolutely, but only if you listen to it every day. Turning it off wont really do any harm unless you don't run the amp for a year.

Sooo...I test this. Apt/Holmann > Mc2100 > Advent Large (Old School) speakers. Damn fine OleSchool stereo. Damn if I don't hear a significant difference. Soooo....the next time I know my wife is going to be out, I'll warm up the 250 in my rack, and give it a rip.

I can totally see the GD roadies always following a policy of powering those Mc's at setup. Every time. Like "Bear told me that, so I just do it!" kinda stuff. And Jer's 2300 saw many "On" days, until it became a dust collector.

YeGitMe? Capiche?
(No offense intended to Italian Americans. I got a slice of that particular old world pie in my mixed bag o' tricks.)

I'm sure I can't send a meaningful sound sample, and there is at least a 36% chance that this sound change is due to some latent razzum from a bygone day (or the other day). But give it a whirl.

And please comment.