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 #128467  by James-T
 Wed May 29, 2013 9:02 pm
Sorry if this is an old tired thread but I opted to start from scratch.

Just got a Waldo buffer in the mail destined for my PRS CU22, but also just got back my trusted strat, second guitar owned, from a fret dress and they nicked the neck so it got the royal treatment with a gun oil finish on the back (of neck). The action is the lowest I've seen on a strat and it's the fastest neck I've played thanks to an amazing I'm thinking about tricking it out.

I swamped out the pickups a year ago for dimarzio Area 58s at the bridge (noiseless recreations of 58 pickups) and put a Lil 59 SD in the bridge at the advice of my tech. Had I discovered this board just a bit earlier in time for this project I think in hind sight I would have gone for D Allen's but the set up is nearly as good.

So I'm wondering if anyone has a similar axe with a Waldo buffer. If so what were the sonic results? Worth doing just for single coils? I'm the guitar as is with true vintage style single coils but think a Waldo buffer may just push this guitar to the next level.

What does one do to accommodate the battery? Without routing a separate cavity. I've got a standard fender trem, and would give anything to hard tail it but from my research there is no drop in bridge that would work. Can you hard tail Clapton style and fit the battery between the trem springs?


 #128469  by PaulJay
 Wed May 29, 2013 10:06 pm
Hey, I just blocked my trem and took the springs out and I am going to throw my battery and buffer in the the trem cavity. I bought the small sized waldo buffer.
 #128471  by tigerstrat
 Wed May 29, 2013 11:09 pm
I have done a strat with the full-size Wald buffer (crazy tight, the mini has got to be easier), and yes, using 4 vibrato springs you can fit the battery in between, but the cover stays off. I screwed the springs so tight that the trem blocked itself against the body and then set the saddles accordingly.
 #128517  by Mr.Burns
 Thu May 30, 2013 5:44 am
I have an actual hardtail, which made any bridge a possibility. But it also meant I had to cram everything in the control/pickup cavity. My 9v could only go under the control plate, and my buffer is under the pickguard itself, just outside the control cavity(it's a universal route).
 #128548  by ricepr
 Thu May 30, 2013 7:38 pm
I have one and a battery jammed under a pickguard, but have a 3 week break from gigs, and am getting a battery box installed. My #2 has a box already.

I don't have a long signal chain, but it seems clearer by a bit, and dialing back guitar volume rolls off almost no highs. I love it.

A third one will go in my PRS HB, and I have a third strat that will likely get one.