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 #128384  by Tony6Strings
 Sat May 25, 2013 9:09 pm
I've got an Ibanez Roadstar II strat type that I want to turn into a jerrycaster. It will be a bare bones type of build, no obel or anything. I'm going to wire it like a strat, except with only one tone and with three mini toggles to split the pickups. I've got a Super Distortion (going in the midde) and a PAF(neck, both early vintage I'm guessing late 70's) and can hunt down another SD for the bridge. The body of the guitar has already been routed with a swimming pool style route. Basically all I'm missing is a pickguard. That's where I'm at a loss. How am I supposed to find a pickguard for this thing that will fit three humbuckers? What are my options? I think I recall reading on one of the threads that you can take a SD and basically half it, ending up with two single coils. I'd rather keep my pickups whole and figure out something for a pickguard, but I'm not ruling it out entirely. Any suggestions?
 #128393  by PaulJay
 Sun May 26, 2013 11:38 am
Check out Warmoth they do it. Just fill out the specs online . i think they are 25 bucks. I am doing the single with 2 Hums. ,Paul