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 #128237  by Cmnaround
 Mon May 20, 2013 9:31 am
I'm running a Mesa V-twin rack pre amp into a Mesa 20/20 power amp > 2x12 closed back ported can with a pair of Tone Tubby's - AlNiCo and ceramic mixed. I like it a lot as a rack system and the 20/20 is plenty loud for anything that you are not going to mic the amps for. I do want to score an 8 ohm JBL 120 to see how it sounds relative to the tone Tubby's - and I need a 1x12 combo so I can travel lighter without carrying the rack - but the Mesa does sound great - and the lead channel is a fantastic rock sound paired with a Dimarzio super distortion. Clean channel is very good and works well - only regret is no internal reverb. Mesa amps are built really well and are a great product.