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 #127062  by James-T
 Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:01 pm
Any one got one? I just acquired one in a trade for the speakers that came out of my twin and a hard truckers cab I built with a buddy (built two at the same time).

It's got a Fender scale 25.5", wide thin neck and ebony fret board with thankfully no perloid inlays (like whatever happened to the real stuff on prs and gibsons). Oh yah, it's got a through neck.

It's like the guys at PRS said "how can we make a PRS that can be jerrfied like all those guitars those folks ramble on about on the RUKind forum."...... To bad they missed the hard tail bit but it should be pretty easy to stop the space age 80's big hair Floyd rose trem, tighten a few screws and throw in a wood shim.

The thing plays like a slinky strat on steroids. Not crazy about the colors but for an import it's really really nice.

I'm on the fence on mods, probally will drop in a few stock pick-ups that came out of my les paul and prs cu 22 but may drop in a dual sound in the middle.

If anyone has modded this model I'd like to hear how it went.


 #127063  by James-T
 Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:53 pm
Pictures tell a thousand words.

Two more things those guys at PRS dreamed up for wanna be jerry’s,: 1) A battery compartment for the emg’s – pull the emg’s for passive pups and you’ve got a stash box, or even better, a place for the Waldo buffer battery, and 2) a price tag well under a thousand bucks. There’s a new one on Ebay for $800 including shipping. Mine was a third used (albeit some sweat equity thrown in for the cab).