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 #120441  by Smolder
 Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:40 pm
yet another Mac thread because I could not find answers...

I picked up an MC50 last spring and it's just been sitting until I snagged an SMS JG.

I'm doing an overhaul in stages. Transistors are done, small board caps are done, I'm leaving the two silver cylinders alone... but the 80/80/150/50 cap can worries me. I've read that leaving it, and putting smaller caps in is the way to go. Caps acquired... I'm curious how to mount the new caps inside.

Anyone have a pic handy? Use silicone? Strap them together? Any ideas would be appreciated.

btw - the 50 into a single D120 is friggen loud and I haven't even gone above half on the mac and 11 o'clock on the SMS. ANd while I think it will be fine, I'm so impressed with the tone that I'm keeping an eye out for a 250 or 100.
 #120455  by Smolder
 Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:55 am
waldo041 wrote:drop these guys a line for a replacement can quote, i have used them several times with great results!


If I didn't have eight dollars worth of caps at the right values sitting here, I'd do that in a heart beat. They're a great resource.