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 #113019  by hawk900
 Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:06 am
SarnoMusicSolutions wrote:Yes he used a stratoblaster to boost signal and get more drive, but I don't believe that it was the source of dirt in and of itself, but instead it helped him drive the whole rig louder and he was still getting power tube distortion as his primary grit, just cranking it all up and clipping his tube Mac's. Yes/no?

I didn't think Jer's strato had an external pot unlike the pedal/knob option being sold nowadays. I always believed it was hard set at 6db gain internally with a flat head screwdriver pot. Way back then who knows. As I mentioned in another thread I'd like see the inside of jers ds-1 which can be modded in so many ways(even the Taiwan new ones). Brad probably saw Parish throw out a burned out one in can and grabbed it hense the earth drive. LOL
I think the/ distortion jer always chased was ever since his 1st mxr and before that yes waldo has got it. Fender class A/B output jacked on 11 and guitar vol 5ish and at a curtain slight raise in his axe volume gives a sweet cleanish tube OD.
I still have a sawed in half Deluxe which has gain/vol mix from my gig days in which I OD a 5881.
Don't mind the sloppyness just wait for when I click the OD about 20secs gettin a little rusty.
Here's a sample:

 #113192  by Tony6Strings
 Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:56 pm
I've had success with a MIJ DS-1, but they are finicky and can be a little shrill and fizzy. My dist+ is one that I built, from BYOC, I don't know if it's vintage spec or modern but it sounds pretty decent. Either of these are great but neither of them were subtle enough to cover everything I needed to do. I finally found what I was looking for with a Fulldrive 2. It's a TubeScreamer type effect, actually I think it's somewhere between that and a SD-1, but it has a mini toggle with a flat mids option (takes out the mid hump, makes it very transparent) as well as a comp cut (takes all the clipping out of the signal so you can have one hell of a clean boost, this is a very cool option especially if you're wanting to use it to get overdrive from your amp) and a vintage mode, which sounds like a classic Tube Screamer/SD-1. Then, it's got a separate boost function (only works if the OD is engaged) which cranks things up a bit and really makes it sing, more of a distortion type thing. It's very versatile and can do the Jerry thing spot on in a number of different ways. I've heard a lot about the OCD, lately I've also been hearing about the Joyo Ultimate Drive, which is supposedly an exact OCD clone that costs $27. I ordered one (along with their compressor, which is supposedly a Ross clone) so I could A/B them against an OCD and another higher end Ross clone, but it shipped from somewhere in China so I prolly won't get it for another week or so. When I do I will update with results, nothing like decent gear on the cheap.
 #113282  by zoooombiex
 Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:45 am
Among the things that I have tried the best Jerry tones came from an Antelope FX Lovelight. As its name suggests, it does a great job at the 68-69 overdrive sound like on Live Dead. The company is unfortunately out of business but they come up for sale used every once in a while.

I haven't tried an Earth Drive yet, but will definitely be getting one soon.