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 #112267  by tapestry
 Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:30 pm
Thanks hawk! I have an fbr-jr that I can't seem to find online anymore. It's a boutique pedal that is built for mixing wet and dry with an effects loop. I really like mixing my overdrive with my clean tone. I like using it to mellow out the qtr on a bit too. I can't image giging without the ability to mix the wet dry on my effects!

Also an mxr distortion and using a digitech reverb. I tried a bunch of reverb pedals and liked the cheapest one!

I'm going to clean up the wires, drill out the Mac to a 1/4 input and clip the card on the Mac to bypass the sentry monitor next. I love my tone with this rig and I think the majority of what I like comes frontage unique and flavorful twin that I am using. I tried many other preamps an NOTHING sounds as good as this particular twin. I got lucky with this one...and go it for free about 12 years ago!