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 #104135  by claytushaywood
 Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:30 am
I'm jerryizing a strat and I do like to use my tremolo at this point so I'm thinking theres not room for the preamp or OBEL. as i am doing a 3 humbucker install with some super cool switching that will fill my strats cavity. anyone out there routed a strat?

So here's what i was thinking might be hip. Either build General Guitar Gadgets Strat O blaster (anyone ever build this? waiting to hear back for dimensions) and put a new flat brass piece on my strat output jack with it mounted under like the alembic blaster (or i might get one of those) this way ive got a buffer going out from the guitar straight into my effects, then i was thinking i could place my goodrich h10k volume pedal after all the effects (it has a very nice buffer) using the volume pedal to adjust volume would effectively give my pickups a preamp sounding signal and the volume pedal afterwards shows my effects all the same volume levels. then i got some true bypass boxes so i can switch sets of em on and off instantly and allows them to be completely out of the signal chain. what do yall think? i am also considering a strat pickup setup (i got a buddy willing to sell me some d allen pups for cheap) and already have the humbuckers ordered, so im figuring i can try both). would one of those jerry preamp boards fit into a pickguard with strat pickups with one volume 3 tones (neck and bridge dual ganged with different caps or concentric) I'm asking because right now i just have an HH pickguard on my strat and cant really use that to mess around with a cutout of the preamp... the wald pre is what im talking about.

would the stratoblaster volume pedal with buffer after effects work well? will the wald preamp and battery fit under a standard strat pickguard?
 #104142  by hippieguy1954
 Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:12 pm
This thread might be interesting for you: forum/viewtopic.php?f=419&t=11064&p=103 ... at#p103782

As far as an alternative to the buffer/OBEL, there are a few but none will be the same result. For example, you don't need the OBEL if you just want to use the buffer. It will still preserve your highes, but there really isn't any way to duplicate the obel. You can use true bypass loopes for each effect pedal or one bypass loope for a whole pedal board and these techniques (as well as others) will improve your true tone, but your guitar signal will be going thru the tone and volume pots first instead of going directly from the pickups to the effects and then back, which is what the OBEL accomplishes. I wouldn't have the OBEL in all my guitars, but definetly in at least one for that true untouched signal to the effects. As far as the preamp/buffer, I'd have one in every guitar!
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 #104240  by claytushaywood
 Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:11 am
according to some professionals Ive contacted about this. the above IS a valid alternative to the OBEL. not nescessarily the same, but the fighting against cable capacitance will actually be greater in the following example. preamp before (before will give you a more effective pre fx volume- but to run it like jerrys before or after doesnt matter it just needs to be full volume) volume pot inside guitar straight to true bypass loop box or TB switching system of some sorts (replacement for onboard switch to bypass effects completely) from true bypass loop into a good volume pedal with a quality buffer like the goodrich l10k. apparently the 10k pot is great for swells but would need to be replaced with a larger value to have a better volume setting action. not nescessarily the same because you're controlling your volume to the amp with a volume pedal instead of your guitars volume knob. but this way you can change the volume going to your effects if you so desire!. another way would be to have the onboard effects loop but have the preamp be offboard. standard setup but the first thing in your fx loop from your pickups needs to be a buffer/preamp like the steel guitar black box (which sounds amazing from what ive heard online!) then back into your guitar into your volume pot and out to your amp.

note i havent tried these out, but ive asked around and a few knowledgeable dudes in this realm have told me whassup