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 #139749  by skajellafetty
 Mon Jun 09, 2014 8:40 pm
howdy folks... I'm new to Jerryquest & thought for simple posterity I'd make a quick video of the Mobius' env filter sounds with an octave before it. I was pleasantly surprised & thought I should share. I know it isn't "the" sound & all but it is pretty neat. I'm VERY new to not only the Mobius pedal but env filters in general & I don't have an octave pedal yet (nor know what settings for the JG tone), but I used just the "Bass Octaver" in the POD HD Pro X. So from there it went > Mobius > SMS JG Classic > MX200 > LEFT = DI > Sonar 6... RIGHT = to H&K cf200 > Weber ceramic Chicago (JUST learned today my Cali needs fixin or replaced so had to mic the Chicago) > AT2020 mic 2"away > mixer > Sonar 6. Anyway please excuse any non-dead licks or things/settings/examples I should have done I said I'm new to these here shenanigans :oops:

(edit: open link in new tab or window) ...
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