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 #5161  by ctziel
 Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:27 pm
Does anyone have tabs to Picasso Moon or know where I can find them. I've looked on a lot of different sites and no one has them. I thought at one time they where on this site. Can anybody help me out.

 #5167  by maximinus
 Fri Apr 28, 2006 9:32 am
No Problem:

Opening riff:


The first few lines you play this riff and the B chord over. It's hard to describe: just figure out the above riff and listen to a few versions..
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South of Market in the land of ruin
You get all manner of action
Tinsel tigers in The Metal Room
Stalking satisfaction.
They got 'em packaged up for love and money
Tattooed tots and chrome spike bunnies
Check my conscience at the DMZ
And roll on in, gonna roll in it, honey
D                            B
But I get a feelin like when big things collide
         D                              B
Like the crack before the thunder, like I really ought to hide
    D                                 B
And here comes Metal Angel, she looks ready to ride;
& What's that she's tryin' to show me..?
What's that you're tryin' to show me..?

E             F#        E
Picasso Moon, shattered light
E               F#             E
Diamond bullets ripping up the night
E             F#       E
Picasso Moon, liberate me,
E                  F#       E
From the middle of eternity,
E                          F#        E   Db
Something hooks her little finger at me,
An' it's bigger than a drive-in movie, ooooo-eeee.
Bigger than a drive-in movie, ooooo-eeee.
I'm not near my Dead collection at the moment, but I'm fairly certain that one of the riffs at the start of the verse goes briefly to a D for 2 counts before you hit that B chord.

Hope this helps!