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 #90622  by JamminJommy
 Fri Dec 10, 2010 4:47 am
Hey everyone!

I really dig how helpful this site is! I'm a 21 y/o guitarist and have been picking for, oh... 6 years now. I hail from San Francisco but am a student in LA county most of the year.

I love the Grateful Dead more than any other music (and I'm a music major!) and feel no day is complete without them. I play in a band called Uncommon Sense and I am attempting to find some Jerry inspired tone to use in my band (Uncommon Sense). I also love playing GD tunes. We cover a few, but some day I hope to be in a serious GD tribute band. I'm spending countless hours on this site of late as I try to pin down exactly what I am going to get to replace my current solid state rig.

As for axes... I've got a 2001 MIM strat with 1981 american pickups in it (named her "Faith"), and a frankenstein I put together housing a super 2 in the middle position (named it "Frankie" naturally). "Frankie" has gotten me incredibly interested in building a new axe (HHS), but I decided to prioritize and get a better rig first. Thanks to all of you, I've decided to go with the SMS Classic Tube pre-amp and am saving up for it, but still don't know what power amp to get (torn between a mac, a qsx, or a mesa/boogie).

All of this to say, I love this site and am happy to finally be a member. I hope to spend more time here and (hopefull) drop some cash on those of your with the awesome gear for sale.


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 #90626  by tcsned
 Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:01 am
welcome aboard!!
 #95513  by strummingturtle
 Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:37 pm
the rocktron velocity 300 power amp pairs up nice with the sms preamp for that jerry tone.
 #95514  by Gr8fulGreg
 Sat Mar 19, 2011 5:33 am
Welcome i to am 21 and live in North OC if your ever down my way we should get in touch