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 #86305  by Soekarno1
 Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:15 pm
Hello all. I am British but I live here on the Indonesian island of Java. I was turned onto the Dead in about 1983 by an older British friend when I was at university. I later worked out that I had in fact first heard the Grateful Dead when I overheard them soundcheck from outside Alexandra Palace in London in 1974 - something I did not realize until Dick's Picks Volume 7 came out! I saw their three show run in London in 1990. I obtained my first tape from an American deadhead I met in Jakarta in 1991. He had just seen every show of a Dead tour (late 1990? or Spring 1991?) and had returned to civvy street as an international bank official. Since that fateful day I have been collecting shows - at first on tape cassettes - then from about 1995 onwards on CD, when I lived in Japan - and then by download since about 2003. I now have about 1,200 shows. I also have heaps of Furthur, Phil & Friends, Ratdog etc. One key objective of (re)joining this board is to get tip offs from other listeners about great shows or great sequences of songs that are lurking in my collection (much of which has not yet been listened to properly) i.e. stuff that I don't know about that I already have and then I can go off and have a listen. looking forward to getting involved in this community (again, perhaps)!