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 #83440  by Cmnaround
 Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:41 am
Hey now - looking for some like-minded heads to jam with and play some serious Dead music. I've been playing with some various dudes but can't quite get the commitment going.

Had a chance recently to corner a drummer I was playing with and got him to sit in on a set that we recorded with me playing lead and vocals. Hadn't played together in like a year - but just knocked out about an hour of music in one take and then I used those tracks to add some bass, keys and other guitar. That's the desparation part - me playing all that stuff on my multitrack works but won't cut it for playing live - need some other folks who can play -anyway I'm posting my myspace link here to a) get some feedback on my take on these tunes - and b) in hopes of finding some other relatively local cats to play some serious live shows with.

Tha k and hope to hear from ya soon -

Later -