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 #77596  by stringtheory
 Fri Apr 09, 2010 1:34 pm
Hi folks,
Have really enjoyed some of the discussions here and figured I'd join the fun. I've been playing for 20 years or so. Garcia was a huge influence for me early on and still is. He is quite possibly the most recognizable guitar player of all time, and definatley one of the first people to influence an entire genre of music since Bird. I really dig these boards because while I spent alot of time learning his little tricks and licks, I was unaware of all the cool mods and gear. I've always admired his Irwin guitars for sure, but I had no idea they were so tricked out. I was aware of the midi stuff under the tiger/skeleton but that was about it. All of these advancements seemed to have changed the live sound buissiness just as much as the music influenced new music to come. Amazing!

I don't have a Garcia rig. It's more like a 92 Trey rig with extra pedals (Mark III, handmade 2x12 - celestion 70th Anniversary,Ibanez custom AS103 semihollow). For pedals I use Earnie Ball volume,Dunlop wah,TS9 x2,MXR+(vintage),EH smallstone,EH Holy Grail, and Boss tuner. I use the 3 distortions (four with the a/b Boggie lead) to get a wide varity of sounds. I have 2 Harmonic Design single coil "humbuckers" in the Ibanez. These things are the shit IMO. Lots of balls, and clear as a bell with a nice single coil spank. I use this rig for alot of styles but would be cool if I had seperate gear for different stuff. Great rig for everything but country although you can sort of cheat it.

I also own a Santa Cruz Tony Rice edition which is def the best guitar I own. I do alot of Bluegrass and Celtic flatpicking as well, and you can't ask for a better guitar for that stuff. Or anything acoustic really.

my favorite players are: Garcia!,Zappa,Trey,Tony Rice,Django,Deaner,John Doyle,Tony MacManus,Bryan Sutton,Chet Atkins,Duke Levine,Redd Volkaert,Marc Ribot and lots more. Love C6 steel players too!

 #77614  by
 Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:04 am
Welcome stringy, another masshole. :cool: Buckle up. Damn I hit my lucky number on posts. I guess this will be my last.......Nah.
 #79022  by waldo041
 Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:01 am