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 #77206  by Stone
 Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:22 pm
Ive been into the Dead since the late 90's and have always been a gear head. Ive lurked for a few years and finally got around to registering. I play in a group called "Stealin The Farm" (google it). We play orginal stuff with our takes on assorted cover tunes. We generally play 3-4 Dead tunes in the course of an eveing. Im looking into buffers and maybe going with a OBEL. Im not chasing authentic jerry tone however theres a few sounds id like to get pegged down at this point.(thats why im here

The Gear :

Guitars -

Mid 70's strat (gold lace sensors)
90's Strat
94 Tele
68 Gibson J-45


Dbx 226 Compressor
( more fx to be added soon)

Amps -

Bogner Alchemist Head (with matching 2x12 cab)
68 Twin Reverb (ab763)
 #77212  by waldo041
 Sun Apr 04, 2010 6:09 pm
welcome stone!

highland indiana, huh?!?

buffers, and obel's, huh?!?

you've come to the right place!!!

and, oh yeah, i graduated from gavit, and presently live in lansing! founding member of nw indiana's very own Muddsharks, but currently am on hiatus from the gigging.

i am sure we'll talk more soon, but welcome to the playground here at rukind!