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 #59661  by zenbumspeakers
 Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:41 pm
hello everyone!
i just joined the forum here, man is this a great one lots of really nice info. it has been a real help. i have been a deadhead for as long as i can remember an i play in recently formed band The New Age Bohemian Jazz Band, it is a kind space band where we mix a lot of really cool sound together. i will post some clips in the future. i have also started to build speaker cabinets similar to the hard truckers ones but i offer different speaker sizes, i will have another post in the guitar section soon with pictures as im finishing up one now, if anyone is interested i can make one or two for them, for much less than hard trucker, although im sure there wont be many takers as hard truckers has a proven themselves. but if anyone does want to give it a shot, i can make one out of birch with your choice of speakers in about a month for $700. with a full refund(plus your shipping) if you are unhappy, for 1 month, as well as a lifetime warranty that covers anything that goes wrong with it. it is really just a hobby that i played with for a while but a couple friends wanted one so i built them one. they were happy, maybe you will be too. thanks for having such a great sight, and feel free to check out my myspace which will be up soon for the speakers. by soon i mean within the next couple weeks, im just getting ready to do this.