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 #26422  by last_fair_deal
 Mon Oct 08, 2007 8:40 pm
so i have been using this web site for a few years with checking out tabs and discussions about gear n shit. i finally decided to get my lazy (well just really busy) soul to join up.
Arizona dead-head!!

I play in a band out here called Chachiyo, we are trying to revive the weak jamband scene out here in the Phoenix area (minus the Noodles and a few other great bands). i play lead and slide guitar so heres my gear list for all you gear heads:

1967 (Red) Guild Starfire IV (all original minus a fret-job)
2007 Fender Strat 70's Re-issue
through a:
1996 Fender Prosonic 2x10 combo amp (freakin' killer)
effects: Vox wah, Ehx Q-Tron (the original one), new Ehx #1Echo, and thats it. nothin fancy, but just enough to do some psychedelic tones but keepin it clean (sometimes with the distortion) is my main tone thing.

anyone else from AZ (Phx) thinkin about this scene?? let me know...i know flag has atleast got some better jams up there, but hey..theyz in the mountains. Newest added song to our bands setlist....Bird Song.YEA!!!

P.S. if you have myspace, then check out our bands site @ the myspace dot com slash chachiyo. we have some unfinnished songs up there (just missing lyrics) but you can get the basic drift ya dig? let us know what you think, we would greatly appreciate any support or feedback. late.