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 #21301  by Amaranth
 Fri Jul 27, 2007 10:40 pm
I found this site while looking for tabs for Teddy bears Picnic.

I am an amature guitar and bass player, however I am looking to get more practice by pllaying songs I love. Prior to that i would mostly noodle around, and write songs.

I am a loving Grateful Dead fan, but only saw them once in Highgate, VT back in 95, when I was 17. In one word, awesome. My regret is that I was young, and foolish, and passed out before Dylan opened. My friend got me to come to, but honestly, and woefully I don't remember a lot. Still, it is an special memory.

Anyway, I figured I would do an intro since I just kinda jumped into the sight all asking for tabs.