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 #124473  by Sporifix
 Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:46 pm
Howdy. I grew up in Cali and had the pleasure of watching the boys up close many times. When I need that Jerry feeling I plug my 2001 American Strat into my SF Pro Reverb; turn up the MXR 78 Distortion pedal; put the selector in the #2 position; and roll the mid tone on the guitar down to zero. It gets that round foghorn sound from the middle of Dark Star.

I also play a 78 Tele and a 79 Gibson The Paul, and a Mesa Rocket 44 sometimes. My ukuleles are a Gretsch tenor roots, an old Kamaka gold label, and a plastic banjo uke from the '50s.

I'm too old to deal with playing out now but I record at home sometimes just for fun.