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 #122347  by James-T
 Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:28 pm
Hello From the West Coast of Canada (Gulf Islands).

This forum has been a great source of information for numerous projects as well as satisfying my fascination with gear.

Our band Walk On Dead has just got off the ground in July with about 10 gigs so far from White Rock BC to Birken, BC.

You can check us out at: PRS in action gets good around the 9 min mark Carvin in action Strat in action

projects to date:
Finding a 81 Carvin DC 160 in an estate sale and upgrading with a Dual Sound at the bridge and Super II at the neck
Upgrading my PRS CU22 with a Stormy Monday (Bare Knuckles) in the bridge and routering in new Dual Sound in the middle with mini toggles for coil tapping.
Upgrading an American Strat with Area 58's and a SD Ltlle 59er at the Bridge
Restoring my 67 SG Junior (with 60's SG humbucker which came with the axe back in 1979).

Blackfacing an 84 Twin II not recommended then...
Upgrading to a 73 Twin with 70's mesa's MS 12's from the 70's - I like em so much I havn't installed the JBL 120's I have ear marked for this amp.
Upgarding my Blues deluxe with a JBL D120F - recone by oange county Awesome rig!

vintage effects: Boss DM2, Boss OC2, Boss PH1, Boss Turbo OD2, Boss OD1 (prefer the turbo), Boss CH-1
Others: Holy Grail Nano, Boss PH3 (I read somewhere Trey uses 2 phasers so what the hell!), Q-Tron, 95Q Cry Baby Wah Wah

Still some projects to come like getting my Waldo buffer to work!

Looking forward to posting and adding my 2 cents worth...

peace and happy trails
:-) on the bus since Buffalo 81
 #122349  by ugly rumor
 Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:59 pm
Welcome!! We need fresh blood! The same old tired heads around here need to be exposed to some Good Old Grateful Dead from a new perspective!