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 #104929  by hawk900
 Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:48 am
I'm hawk900. Lovin this great site and community and in the last year I'm been doing some great rewarding stuff to guitars(sg's),custom birch cabinets with e-120's,plus all the info on the net is just amazing since my band split back in 94.
I'm from Windsor,Ontario and we had a 7piece band compiled of half Michigan heads/Canadian Heads. Two drummers that could identically pickout mickey's and bill's rolls on their kits.
It was worse than breaking up with a girlfriend when we found out one of our key players had got sent to steady afternoons for his mold design apprentiship. We had played in Windsor wednesdays and AnnArbour,Michigan sold out for almost 4 years. I had a library of around 180 songs in my head 90% dead and 10% classics from Traffic to Buffalo Springfield that could be called up at any time.
Back then we had little knowledge of complete breakdowns of jer's gear etc. In played a strat with an fxloop,into a dod440 envelope,boss eq,boss ds-1,analoque delay into a Fender Stage 110ss.
These clips are from a very tough time for all of us. Less than a month after jer passed we decided to do a rex foundation benefit reunion show at an arena in Windsor. It was hard for me and covered up most of my tears with big black shades and some heavy stimulants. We raised right around 4000 bucks for Rex.
Don't mind the same slide show if I attach some pics to the audio tracks and make it an mpg slide show I can up it as a vid on youtube. It's an audience recording setup by us in the 20th row area. The crowd does get a little noisey a times but that adds to the feel and helped my sadness.
Here's Shakedown>FeelinAlright(traffic)>Shakedown: encore pt1 pt2: