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 #14311  by strumminsix
 Fri Mar 23, 2007 8:19 am
Post more!

 #14313  by JONZILLA
 Fri Mar 23, 2007 8:33 am
alright then.

 #14315  by jck_strw
 Fri Mar 23, 2007 8:40 am
strumminsix wrote:Post more!
I can understand those in the "Vince" zone wanting to post more to get out of there. Thankfully he's a very small level. :)

But those who have a cool avatar, relax and enjoy your digital representation. No need to rush to the next level. They're all there waiting for you.

 #14318  by groovemongrel
 Fri Mar 23, 2007 8:55 am
Tom C.

 #14485  by nicolasalk
 Tue Mar 27, 2007 1:53 pm

 #14675  by jjbankhead
 Mon Apr 02, 2007 10:02 pm
i just posted the exact same question (worded differently of course) in the FAQ section...

edit:and this post bumped me from wall of sound to hornsby :lol:

 #14690  by tigerstrat
 Tue Apr 03, 2007 9:26 am
I missed out completely on the Wall Of Sound! :? why is it at such a lowly level??

oh that's right- I have my own lil WOS thumby in every post... :cool: