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When it doesn't fit anywhere else

 #19020  by BlobWeird
 Wed Jun 27, 2007 4:13 am
HAHAHA Id be pickin fights with everyone! :mad: :x

 #19024  by BillyKay
 Wed Jun 27, 2007 5:59 am
hahah... good thinkin... yea I remember when that was on.. I found it though online.. ... TP85bkOuTE

JG Vs Elvis... and He Does some serious ass kickin..

Once again I apologize for hurtin anyones feelings about not posting my self in a more conventional manner ...but then again I am my own manager. I hope one day I will be allowed to join the "club." I didn't realize some of my fellow Dead lovers were so angry towards new people. but I understand if this is what you guys/gals love to do.

Also I didnt realize people actually targeted GD forums with "Spam" .. but then again I am new to this clubhouse. hope everyone relaxes and smokes a fat one for eachother... I know I will 8)

PS anyone going to see Bob and Allman Brothers at the PNC Arts Center in NJ this summer? its gonna be an awesome show


 #19031  by bodiddley
 Wed Jun 27, 2007 6:56 am
It's all cool Bro. It was just the used car salesman approach that turned everyone off at first. Some really good people hang here. I love it. Keep Rockin'!

 #19036  by gratephulphish123
 Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:10 am
Billbbill wrote:Or maybe an rukind claymation death match. You would choose a gd bandmember as your designated muscle. They could use equipment as weapons. Stab with a drumstick, smush someone with an amp, slice off a noodle with a machette type slash with a guitar.

Is celebrity death match still on? I used to get a kick outta that. And didn't a jg character appear on the show? I don't know, maybe I'm having a flashback.
i dunno but for my character i choose bill kreutzman, noone can defeat him, he reminds me of gimli the dwarf kinda