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When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #15198  by moodrasjeff
 Sun Apr 15, 2007 12:59 pm
Hey Everyone!
The Neon Gods have been beefing up our web presence. We posted two videos shot at Brooklyn College on YouTube and have established a MySpace page featuring the videos, mp3s and pictures galore! We'd like to thank Prof. Terence Dollard and his grad student Leonard Orman of Brooklyn College for their generous offer of shooting our videos and lending their considerable talents to the process and to Ken Teich for helping us to get the videos in a format that we could use on the web. A band is only as good as the people that are helping support their efforts! you guys are the best!
The links to the videos on YouTube are:
What Could Be:

The link to our MySpace page is:
Check it out, and "be our friend"!

Upcoming stuff:
Katie Pearlman Band will be performing Friday, 4/20 and Sunday, 4/22 :
4/20 - Kelly's Pub 79 Old Tappan Road, Tappan, NY at 8:00 PM for more info.
4/22 - Earth Day Benefit Concert @ Molten Java 102 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel, CT @ 4:30 PM
The organizations that we'll be benefitting: Preservation Advocates for Terre Haute: and The Bethel Land Trust:

MOODRAS will be performing Saturday, 4/28:
4/28 - Kelly's Pub 79 Old Tappan Road, Tappan, New York @ 11:00 PM

We're playing after The Suits featuring Terry Brock of the Eagles @ 8:00 PM! for more info.

Thanks for your time in reading this notice!