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When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #10632  by HawaiianDedhed
 Fri Dec 01, 2006 1:30 pm
Saw Hot Buttered Rum last night. Individually, perhaps not the most accomplished musicians (except the bass player who flat out rips), but tight as hell. They looked like they were having a blast - the crowd certainly was.

Check them out if you're into that acoustic-bluegrass-jam band type of thing.

 #10633  by tigerstrat
 Fri Dec 01, 2006 1:53 pm
Aside from YMSB, these are the hottest jamgrassers out there.

 #10634  by bobbybobbob
 Fri Dec 01, 2006 1:56 pm
I agree, I was fortunate enough to see them twice in one day this summer at the 10,000 Lakes Festival. They first play a set around noon infront of alotta people, on stage. That same night, after walking back from Trey playing with MMW, I saw them jump out of their van at my campsite by the lake and they played for over an hour, unplugged, for a crowd of about 50 ppl max!! They were great! Luckily there was someone there to tape it. Its a great AUD, and the audience was really into it.